H&M: Swimwear from Sun Up to Sun Down

If I could, I would live in a swimsuit. My addiction started long ago, on the beaches on Long Beach Island, NJ (North Shore, Harvey Ceders, and Surf City! Shout out!). The daily uniform was simple: bathing suit, board shorts, and flip flops. Swimwear from sun up, to sun down (and most of the time, overnight as well-those days turned nights got a bit crazy...).

There's a certain feeling of freedom and liberation that comes from donning a little less on the daily. I love that feeling. And this summer, amid the prairie, I'm going to pretend I'm at the beach, styled from head to toe in H&M swimsuit love. Let's just say I'm going to channel my inner Gisele:

My swimsuit drawer has grown tremendously since my days at the shore. And while I've always been draw to 2 pieces, most recently I've been coveting funky full suits. Tan lines, or not-these stylish numbers draw attention with their abstract design and statement baring backs.

My favorites: 

And you can't just wear a suit without styling it up:

Keep on Rockin' this Summer with H&M

Everyone's either worn, adored, or pinned a recent Coachella inspired look. It's kinda hot right now. Easy, breazy...casual cool. It's the kind of clothing that makes you feel free, liberated, and like the world is forever in your favor. It exudes "summer": bbqs, bonfires, and a few guitars strumming folk. 

But even though Coachella is over, you can still dress like there's another band set---because there is. H&M has collaborated with DJ's, Producers, and Artists to bring you fashion inspired by music in their summer collection, "H&M Loves Music".

Check out H&M Loves Music to view the upcoming artists, listen to their music, and find cool gear to make you feel and look the part of festival go-er. 

My top pics:




Tracy came to me with the typical busy mom wardrobe: baggy jeans, layered tees, and a somewhat vague idea of how she should, or could be dressing.  Her life is busy-2 boys, and a husband to take care of; she works full time, and loves to spend weekends with friends and family. She needed an updated wardrobe full of pieces that were both comfortable,  fun, and easy to put together. 

Tracy's frame is super petite, and she is a pear shape, which means that any weight she carries stays in the midsection. Typically woman who are pear shaped have a great bust-which every woman should enhance (in my opinion:). 

I'm certainly not a scientist by any means, but there is a true formula to follow when dressing this body shape (and most body shapes, really): Start with a great fitting pair of jeans (I love a straight leg or skinny jean that ends at the ankle), add a top that is fitted at the chest, yet flows away from the body right underneath the bust, and finish with a laying piece-a light jacket, cardigan, or shrug.

Since Tracy is shorter in height, her layering pieces should always end either at her waist or above (a cropped jacket looks fab!).

Finally, complete any look with a great pair of shoes, and a bright bag. Every woman should own a pair of nude wedges or heels, a pair of fashion sneakers (converse are a must have classic!), and a pair of ballet flats.

Thanks, Tracy for such a fun shopping adventure!  I can't wait to work with my next client. If you are interested in any of my styling services, go HERE for a list of opportunities.